IELTS is the world’s most popular high-stakes English language test, with over 2 million tests taken in the last year. IELTS   test score are accepted by top universities for studying in Australia, and over 8,000 institutions worldwide, as proof of English language proficiency.They recognise that IELTS gives an accurate reflection of your ability to understand, read, write and speak English. This is because the test has been developed by some of the world’s leading experts in English language assessment. Booking is easy and tests are available up to four times a month.

At Excelsior we take only EIGHT students per batch so that every student gets proper attention. The progress of the students is measured on regular basis. Special care is given to weak students and the students of village background who are weak in basic English. Students are given regular mock tests ans speaking is taken on alternate days.


Excelsior is the one stop solution for all your international study needs.  After writing various success stories in the field of Spoken English, Personality Development, Interview Preparation and later on IELTS , we added another service to our portfolio the student visa. We started assisting our students to reach their dream countries for higher education. We tell them about the countries where the student can apply, what are the admission criteria, the basic knowledge about the country's education system, living costs and its environment. The student is advised to choose the country & the program of his/her interest. We have sent a number of students to different countries. Excelsior academy is known for its sincere approach, commitment & transparency in the field of study visa. All  the  students  who  applied  through  us  can  testify  about  the  credibility of our company. The  motto of the academy is  " Absolute Commitment" without any compromises.


    The students who are weak in Englisg or are from village background are first taught basics of English grammar before putting
    them into IELTS class so that their foundation becomes strong and their grip on the subject increases. the things which are
    taken care of in grammar class are:
       -    Fundamentals of Grammar - Subject, Verb, Object , Noun, Pronoun, Proverb, Adjective etc.
       -    Tenses- How to recognize a particular tense and the steps involved in making sentences.
       -    Question framing -Use of What, which, When, Why, where, Who, How, Whose i.e ( use of WH family).
       -    Use of Modals - how and where to use Can, Could, May, Might, Ought, Should, Would etc.
       -    Voice - Use of active & Passive voice. Passive voice is frequently used in Diagram and process explanation of IELTS.
       -    Use of Idioms & Phrases - Students are motivated to learn various idioms & phrases and how to use them in writing.


The  importance  of  Spoken  English  has increased  with  the  entry  of various  Multi-National companies.Candidates who 
 are fluent  in  English  speaking  get jobs more easily as compared to the ones not so fluent in English. So to converse in  
 English has become the need of the hour and also the status symbol. At excelsior we first teach the basics of English
 grammar to the students and after words the students are taught the sentences of daily use. They are  asked  to  participate 
 in  role  plays  on different situations. Hence  their hesitation disappears and the students start having grip on the language. The
 batches are divided according to the level of the students and weak students are  given  special care and  are  motivated to
 overcome hesitation and increase their  vocabulary. English speaking course is of three months and five months depending
 upon the level of the student.


At Excelsior we run interview preparation classes for the students interested in taking jobs with Multi National Companies. The students are equipped with various techniques to crack the interview. Various mock interviews are conducted before the student is attempt the final interview. Later on  we started preparing students for embassy Interviews also. Students going for Embassy Interviews are thoroughly prepared and various mock interview are conducted to ensure their success during the interview taken by the colleges , universities or embassies/ high commissions of New Zealand, Australia or UK.


Personality Development is the growth and development of the thinking, perception, attitude, nature, mood, behavior and activities that differentiate among people. Personality Development is a tool to bring out one’s abilities and powers for making himself aware of his inner self and become more confident to face the outside world. Personality means uniqueness, individuality and appearance of a person and his/her reflection of thinking, emotions, behavior, communication skills and corporeal characteristics. The classes are run so that students can identify their strengths and can overcome their weaknesses.